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Finding the Gold Within: Reflections on the Messiness of the Inner World

When: Monday, October 16th, 10-11am

Investment: $25

In-person, Live Zoom and everyone who registers gets the Zoom Recording

No refunds

Soulshine Boutique and Healing Sanctuary

459 Central Ave, 2nd floor, Highland Park

Many of us worry about how we look in the mirror and how we appear to the world even though we hear and know that beauty is skin deep. Perhaps we do this to cover up or avoid looking at the messy emotions within? Yet spiritual teachings tell us that true beauty is a place to be arrived at by plumbing the depths of the ocean that is the mind. In turning away from our challenging inner world, are we discarding the proverbial baby with the bathwater?

Join Ramaa and the Sangha as together we reach for the wisdom and the tools that will enable us to take a discerning look at the messiness of our inner world and reclaim the "baby" - that which is alive and true, right in the midst of our unnecessary thoughts and emotions.

The Rainbow Ladder: A Study of the Chakra System as a Path to Higher Consciousness

9 Wednesdays 1pm (plan on 1.5-2 hours for this class)

Starting September 6th and ending on Wednesday, November 15th

No class on October 18th and November 8th.

Class Fee: $375 (Includes class materials) 

In-person only at the Winnetka Community House

The Chakra System of the East lays the foundation for all the mind-body practices such as Yoga, Meditation, and Breathwork. This 9-week course introduces the student to the psycho-spiritual wisdom of the Chakras to provide a deeper understanding of all the practices that emerge from the system. The class will be held at the Women's Exchange space in The Winnetka Community House, 620 Lincoln Avenue.

Audio recordings of the session will be available after each class.

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