“Our greatest gift is our attention. It is miraculous in what it can accomplish. Whatever we pay attention to – our children, our relationships, our world – thrive and blossom like a flower that responds to the sun. Meditation, then is the act of paying attention to our own mind and our emotions in a kind, non-judgmental manner. Such attention is very powerful and has the ability to calm our fears, settle us down, and heal us at very deep levels. The act of paying attention in this manner, combining the head and the heart, is called Sadhana.”

–Ramaa Krishnan, founder of Full Bloomed Lotus

Just as it is unwise to shop on an empty stomach, it is unwise to transact with the world outside from hunger within us. Taking time for our Sadhana everyday is a choice we must each make, for nothing can nourish us as much as Spirit, the stillness deep within. It is only when we are nourished from the inside out that are we are ready for what our life brings us from the outside in.

Full Bloomed Lotus has many offerings to develop your Sadhana. Whether you are new to meditation or looking to deepen your practice, Ramaa will guide you on your journey. The Rainbow Ladder is the first step and a prerequisite to many other meditation offerings and course work at Full Bloomed Lotus. Our meditations are guided by Ramaa and offer insight into common experiences that unite us spiritually. Additionally, we provide recorded guided meditations for your home practice. Click on your meditation interest on the buttons above.

The Rainbow Ladder


The Rainbow Ladder - 11 Weeks: Using Meditation and the Study of the Chakra System as the Path to Higher Consciousness and Greater Self-Awareness.


The Rainbow Ladder now replaces Ramaa’s original Meditation and Self-Awareness Levels 1 and 2. The first three weeks will focus on introducing the student to meditation and other principles required to plunge into a deeper study and understanding of the Mind-Body field as explained by the Chakra System of the East.  


This course is currently on hold due to social distancing.