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Meet with Ramaa One-on-One

Ramaa meets people one-on-one to offer her wisdom and guidance on life's journey and challenges. She would like people to be aware that she is not trained in Western psychotherapy but rather applies the psychology of the Eastern chakra system in understanding the root cause of the manifestations in a person's life. The chakra system is an ancient energy framework which understands events from the inside out. Based on her findings, Ramaa shares teachings and prescribes practices that help people to make shifts in their energy, resulting in relief on the outside as well as facilitating deep personal growth.

Meetings can be in-person at her office in Northfield, or over Zoom as preferred. Since her schedule changes from week to week, upon receiving your registration she will reach out and set up an appointment with you based on her availability. For a first meeting she recommends a longer 90-minute appointment to allow time to understand your background. 
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