10:00am - 12:00pm


6 weeks


1/7/20 - 2/11/20



1. Any prior 8 week class with Ramaa

2. Courage, honesty and a willingess to go within to places that scare you


This class is based on the Jungian psychologist Robert Johnson's book by the same name.  All of us have shadow areas in our psyche - qualities we are not proud of and prefer not to get in touch with.  Yet true self-love requires us getting in touch with, owning, and connecting with these parts with patience, honesty, and compassion.  Ramaa adds: this is not an easy course - to teach or to learn.  Attend only if you are willing to face your darkness because your shadows will be stirred if you sign up for this one!  Group size will be limited strictly to 15 and conversations will be open and unabashed and confidential within the group.


The class fee does not include the book.  Please purchase a copy in our store on the first day of class or bring your own.

Book Group: Owning Your Own Shadow


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