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welcome to my journal...

Dear Petals,

I am so excited that we have a new website! I was not planning on it, having just gotten a new one less than one year ago. But when our own petal Pam Gross ( offered to redo my website with her new found talents and evergreen enthusiasm, I saw it as an invitation from the Universe.

I love the fact that website has the word web in it. Eastern thinkers say that just like a spider creates a web from within itself, man creates a network of experiences from out of the energies within himself. So, as the material within oneself changes, the web must change. This new website for me then is a reflection of the many shifts that have occurred within me since my first website (created by my husband in 2005).

It is on these pages that I will reserve space to share my thoughts and insights on my own journey toward living an authentic life. Please enjoy my journal pages as a source of comfort that we are all divine spirits having very human experiences.

Love and best wishes,


Pages from My Journal

by Ramaa

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