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Continuing the Race Conversations: 

Three Free Offerings



Hello everyone,


Thank you to all those who participated in our first online presentation on the subject of Racism.  Based on your feedback we offer this next set of conversations. 


Mark your calendars. 


Please note that in order to accommodate your availability, each offering is on a different day of the week.  Sign up below for whatever interests you and we will send you the Zoom links for each. Recordings of the session will be sent if you sign up and are unable to join it live. 


1.     Tuesday, July 28th, 4:00-5:15 pm: Ramaa Krishnan presents Racism and the Rainbow Ladder 

Our current struggles with Racism are a necessary step in raising consciousness. The Chakra system of the East lays down a 7-step plan for expanding our circle of awareness. Join Ramaa as she takes you through the Rainbow Ladder as applied to our collective journey of growth as a nation. The session will include a meditation for the collective good and a Q & A session.


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2.     Wednesday, Aug 5, 4:00-5:30 pm:  Laurie Goldstein presents Mindfulness and Micro-Aggressions 

How the current situation is an invitation to live with greater self-awareness. 

Explore the dynamics of interpersonal racial microaggressions. Understanding and healing these often subtle offenses are a beginning and important steps toward creating an anti-racist society. Laurie will share examples of microagressions that she has committed and taken steps to heal. Opportunities will be available for participants to do the same.

In preparation for this class, please watch these 3 short videos and consider places in your own life where you may have unknowingly committed a microaggression.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Video #3:


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3.     Thursday, August 13, 4:00-5:30 pm:  Rachel Fiske presents Re-Viewing for Racism: How images can speak louder than words 


“If not us, who? If not now, when?” –JFK .  Racism is so built into the system and into our perceptions that it’s difficult to see. Once we identify it, it’s life-changing, and will change lives. But we can’t change what we are unaware of. It can be helpful to have a mirror. For this Zoom workshop, we will use two films as mirrors. We won’t be engaging in film criticism as much as self-inquiry, though film buffs are welcome!

Please watch the two films before we meet, noticing how you feel as you watch. (If you are not able to watch the films beforehand, feel free to join anyway 😊) One is a sober documentary called 13th, which you will find on Netflix. Content warning: 13th includes graphic and disturbing images. The other is, according to IMDB, a “crime/drama/romance” called Queen & Slim. It’s pretty fun, despite the topic. The two movies pair very well, but please feel free to watch either one. Take notes on what you notice within, and anything you learn — not facts and stats, but about yourself, your experience of Black people, and the world around us as seen through the characters’ eyes. We will use these movies as mirrors to learn more about ourselves.


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Please RSVP and feel free to share this with your friends as we grow in this with others. 


“Everyday life gives us a fresh start with a new day.
Meditation is a time to clean the slate, to let go of the past and reenter the present…
as a time to sit back and discharge fear from our cells and charge them with faith,
which is what it takes to claim back our health, physically and emotionally.”
— Ramaa Krishnan, founder Full Bloomed Lotus

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