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Learn more about people who are actively playing their part to make a difference in these challenging times.  Listen to their stories, Engage and be Inspired.


December 3, 2020:  Ramaa speaks to our guests of the afternoon, Patti Morrell, a member of our FBL community and board member of La Casa Norte (, and Jessica Rodriguez, Director of Development at LCN.  They will speak about the many challenges facing youth and their families facing homelessness and the strains Covid has placed on their efforts. Many strides have been made and there is much left to do. Join in to discover how you can support the mission of La Casa Norte and make a difference.

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December 10, 2020: Ramaa will be speaking to Wendy Dolin, another meditator from our community who went through tragic life events but emerged with a mission. When her husband of 36 years unexpectedly died shortly after starting a new medication, Wendy began a crusade to educate the public about medication-induced suicide and akathisia. Meet Wendy and learn about her non-profit, MISSD. ( 


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December 17, 2020: We will meet Lori Laser, a petal of our FBL Sangha who has recently founded a non-profit “The Growing Season” to promote wellness by catalyzing spaces that strengthen community wellbeing. She will be joined by Juli Kaufmann, a real estate developer ( whose mission is to leverage real estate for social change. Lori and Juli will share their new project: The AUX - a community space in Evanston co-created with leaders of color. The Aux advances racial equity by creating high-quality space including entrepreneurs of color dedicated to community healing. Learn more about this and see how you can contribute to their mission.


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“Everyday life gives us a fresh start with a new day.
Meditation is a time to clean the slate, to let go of the past and reenter the present…
as a time to sit back and discharge fear from our cells and charge them with faith,
which is what it takes to claim back our health, physically and emotionally.”
— Ramaa Krishnan, founder Full Bloomed Lotus

At Full Bloomed Lotus, we offer ongoing study groups to continue the inner work and develop a deeper understanding of your life’s journey.  Under Ramaa's guidance, students advance through Full Bloomed Lotus' School of Self Awareness to delve deeply into books rich with wisdom such as the Bhagavad Gita, explore generations of family karma, release stuck energy to experience new chakra openings, find playtime with your inner child, and create a deep, loving and lasting relationship with Self. Each course offering is a journey within. With Ramaa as your guide, learn how to apply your discoveries into the context of your life situations past and present. Click on a course above to learn more or book a private session with Ramaa below.


Understanding Your Stories. A wise person once said “One’s own self is well hidden from one’s own self; of all mines of treasure, one’s own is the last to be dug up.” Dig up the treasure of your authentic self with Ramaa’s help as she helps you understand your stories by decoding the metaphors contained in your life’s major events. Using the psycho-spiritual wisdom of the Chakra system, Ramaa helps you to arrive at a deeper acceptance of your life’s journey herein and hereafter. By Appointment Only. (85 minutes $225. 55 minutes $150)

Myers Briggs Type Indicator® Interpretation. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator® assessment is the most widely used personality assessment in the world. Ramaa has recently completed a training and certification towards applying this tool in service of greater self-awareness. Set up a private session with Ramaa to understand your natural type, or as Ramaa expresses it, to know the “psychic caste” that you were born into.

This assessment will help put into perspective many of your life and relationship choices and affect healing at deep levels through such an understanding and acceptance. By Appointment Only (90 minutes $250). When scheduling, please allow time prior to your session to complete your online assessment. Please email us at to schedule your session.

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