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“Our greatest gift is our attention. It is miraculous in what it can accomplish. Whatever we pay attention to – our children, our relationships, our world – thrive and blossom like a flower that responds to the sun. Meditation, then is the act of paying attention to our own mind and our emotions in a kind, non-judgmental manner. Such attention is very powerful and has the ability to calm our fears, settle us down, and heal us at very deep levels. The act of paying attention in this manner, combining the head and the heart, is called Sadhana.”

–Ramaa Krishnan, founder of Full Bloomed Lotus

From time to time we offer special events that embody and fulfill the mission of Full Bloomed Lotus.  Please use the circles above to access descriptions of the various programs we have scheduled.  


 with Arlyn Miller


Expressive Writing Workshop: Time, Support, and Strategies for Writing

Whether you’re having trouble getting started writing, are stuck with a writing project, or want to expand your creativity and hone your writing skills, this workshop is for you.  During each session, instructor Arlyn Miller will offer guided writing prompts and examples tailored to the interests of participants, who remain free to write during class in whatever direction they like. The majority of class time will be spent writing, with Arlyn available to confer with participants individually.  Some time each session will be reserved for optional sharing and questions. 


No prior writing or art experience is required. Materials will be provided.

Please email Arlyn if you are interested in this workshop.



I write, teach, publish, collaborate, facilitate, conspire, inspire, support, nurture and cajole all in the service of creative engagement with the written word with poetic license: the leeway to bend, stretch, and occasionally suspend the rules. ... Read more

The Power of Crystal Grids:

Energize Your Intentions for 2019

Harness the Power of Crystals to Support Your Vision for 2019!

What are your wishes for 2019? Improve your creativity? Boost your health? Gain greater discernment? Joy? Compassion? Self-esteem? Abundance? Strength? Vitality? Protection? Peace? Deeper relationships? Please join us to co-create and bring some magic in your life for 2019! Come with a friend!

Crystal grids are geometric patterns of energetically charged stones consciously arranged for the purpose of manifesting a specific goal. Crystal grids are a powerful energy tool to use when manifesting desires, goals and intentions.


Wednesday, December 12, 9:30 – 11:30 am

Fee: $35 (includes materials)