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Ramaa has most definitely changed my life, my thinking and my direction for the in the most eye-opening incredible ways. She is a teacher, a communicator and an insightful healer. She has infinite wisdom to share and share she does. Through texts, personal experiences and infinite knowledge she shares in the most heart warming and positive way. She has a knack for helping you to understand what makes one tick and what one needs to work on to make one tick even better. I know that I speak for many when we all say Ramaa is the best part of each and every week for us. Full Bloomed Lotus is a rare gem on the Northshore and if self-discovery is what you are looking for look no further. I could go on for ever— Well worth a visit for sure!!! - Lisa R.

What an absolute treasure in small-town Wilmette. Wonderful guidance, instruction and materials towards a spiritual path. If you have ever pondered yoga or mediation as a practice, you can do no better than to begin here. The owner Ramaa is welcoming, warm, wise and wonderful. Upon your first visit you will feel that you have arrived somewhere akin to home. It is difficult to find places in the north suburbs that address the mind-body experience, you need to look no further: Full Bloomed Lotus is here! - JTL

Peace, self-awareness and renewed sense of self, all compliments of Ramaa Krishnan of Full Bloomed Lotus Studio in Wilmette.  Each class Ramaa teaches is filled with the positive and restorative energy that make her studio a haven.  As a dedicated student of meditation, I have had the pleasure of participating in several classes at Full Bloomed Lotus over the past year.  From Meditation 1 to Manifestation to Hindu scriptures, Ramaa shares humility, humor and warmth in her teaching.  She welcomes each student as part of the community and encourages an atmosphere of both personal and spiritual growth.  It is no exaggeration to state that my life is richer because of Ramaa’s gifts.  - Lisa O.

LOVE IT ALL! I have been a student of Ramaa for the past five years and did it all! Her meditation classes are wonderful, her study groups incredible, and thanks to her Reiki classes I created my own practice 🙂 I really enjoy going there every week to fill-up and tune-up my energies. FBL is such a blessing for everyone in our community. With love and gratitude, Veronique Moonstone S.

The 6 wk. Intro to Meditation class with Ramaa will change your life forever. Not enough words to describe Ramaa. Simply wonderful. You can thank me later. Karen S.

I feel incredibly blessed to have a woman as fabulous as Ramaa in my life. I have taken several classes with her, as well as a few private sessions. Ramaa has given me more insight than any teacher or counselor has ever done. Although her upbringing and background is vastly different from mine, she is able to relate to me (and others) through her mesmerizing stories, her illuminating words and her wisdom. Ramaa’s classes offer more than just meditation techniques; they are a tool for obtaining a calmer more peaceful outlook in life. I will carry Ramaa’s teachings with me forever. Barb Sheridan, Mom and Yoga Teacher, Wilmette

As a former professional and now a stay-at-home mom, I’ve taken more than 6 classes from Ramaa at FBL. To say that Ramaa has helped me change my outlook and my relationships with others is an understatement. What’s key is Ramaa’s unique teaching style and her ability to connect to each person in a humorous and fun way. This is not pie-in-the-sky ethereal teaching that cannot be applied to our everyday lives! I’ve received practical, day-to-day, and Mom skills and support. I’ve learned a different way of looking at life and become more responsible for myself. I’m learning how to change myself and my circumstances while remaining a stay-at-home wife and mom. If you’ve ever wondered “What’s next?” “Where do I begin now?” or “How do I connect with myself and God?” then do yourself a favor and and come to one of Ramaa’s classes. Ramaa meets you where you are now. There are people of all levels at Full Bloomed Lotus. All are welcome. We are all on the path. I’ve met amazing people here in our community that I would have never met had it not been for FBL. Glenys Craig, Wilmette, IL

Having cancer was something I never thought I would have to face. I needed to get my mind ready for the chemotherapy that was about to start. Through meditation, I was able to slow my heart-beat down, even as the needle came closer to my vein, or when I had to wait days for my test results. I never thought that a process like meditation could have such dramatic results on my mental attitude. For this, I am so very thankful to Ramaa and the simple lessons that she taught me. Mary McLaughlin, Entrepreneur, Winnetka

Ramaa is one of the best teachers I have ever come in contact with. She has helped facilitate a greater learning for me and I am indebted to her. She has the ability to explain complicated teachings in a way that makes it easy to understand. I was a reluctant meditator, but through her gentle nudging, I am now a dedicated meditator. Her chakra classes are amazing and I keep coming back to class because I love how I feel during and after. If you haven’t taken a class, now is the best time and if you have, keep coming back. Ramaa is clearly the best among the best. Robin Richardson, Healer and Teacher, Evanston

I don’t think I can express how much Ramaa’s classes help me daily. I feel her teachings, reinforced by personal stories and weekly homework assignments, have made me self-aware. Through my awareness, I am making better decisions and living a more joyful life. The stress in my house is dialed down to almost zero. I can’t remember the last time I flew off the handle at my kids. She is a great teacher! I have heard most of the concepts we discuss before. But she presents them in such a way that the concepts stick and I can and do use them in my everyday life. I, and many of my longtime friends, am pleasantly surprised by my actions. They now call me Mellow Steen! Linda Steen, Mom, Homemaker, Wilmette

Ramaa Krishnan embodies acceptance and grace, and her studio, Full Bloomed Lotus, is infused with her spirit. To be in her presence and surroundings is to experience, appreciate and be catalyzed by the power of both. Ramaa’s brand of acceptance is simple yet not always easy, loves the dark as much as the light, and still preserves the need for incremental and radical change in our own selves and the world. Under Ramaa’s patient and kind tutelage, I have come to know, as many have before me, how to trigger transformation by fully experiencing (physically, emotionally and intellectually) myself, others, and situations simply as they are. Growth that comes from fully undergoing, not denying, going around, or running from the parts of ourselves, others and situations we both like and do not like is neither linear nor logical. It’s a magical practice we all deserve to give ourselves called presence. Shelly Kielar

I love the way Ramaa teaches. She uses stories and concrete examples to ground concepts. She is also an engaging person who uses language precisely. This combination allows the Eastern perspective to be easily understood and integrated into my Western mind. There are many things that have changed for me as a result of Ramaa’s teaching and two of the most significant changes are that my image of God has greatly expanded and my faith has become more mature. I am a practicing Catholic and my exposure to another paradigm has let me see my own tradition in a fresh way. Practices that I didn’t relate to before now have a new meaning for me. Ramaa speaks to the universal truths that are the basis of all faith traditions. I am fortunate to call her my teacher – she has made a difference in my life, the life of my family and all those I touch. Peggy Nichols

Through the use of meditation techniques, Ramaa has taught me to focus on the abundance in my life. Her unique perspectives have allowed me to become conscious of the moment, learning to view each negative as an opportunity for change and growth. I am happier, more relaxed, resulting in a more loving, calm, respectful and supportive household. I absolutely encourage anyone with a child, a job, dishes to do, or errands to run to enroll in these sessions. Melanie Mallin, Mom and Homemaker, Wilmette

Ramaa provides an Eastern perspective that expands and softens our linear Western thinking. It is an intellectual and spiritual challenge that brings many unexpected gifts. Her meditation training classes provide powerful tools for daily living, and an approach to life that allows us to bend rather than break. I recommend her meditation classes to everyone who is interested in adding to the quality of their lives. Diane Fisher, Clinical psychologist

I was truly blessed the day I was told about Ramaa! She is a gift to us all in her teachings and her incredible presence in what she gives us. Her classes are learning tools for our life as is her presence here on this earth plane. She shares with you how life around us, at that present moment is our time to radiate with all the gratitude and thankfulness of our priceless existence. You feel totally at peace and a sense of contentment in your soul and core, through all she brings with her extraordinary knowledge. She is here to be our teacher and to guide us in amazing places that we might not ever have been able to experience. Carrie Trompeter, Home Staging, Interior Redesign & Home Cleansing and Blessings, Wilmette

I've never learned from anyone as profoundly talented as you are, including boarding school, university, business school and every other opportunity which has been presented to me. You are a gift to those whose lives you touch, in a way that defies words.    Ashley McCall


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