About Ramaa

Ramaa Krishnan was born in India and raised in the city of Mumbai (Bombay), where she earned a graduate degree in accounting and economics before going ahead to become a Chartered Accountant (or a CPA, as it is called in the U.S.). It was in her twenty-first year while she was training to be an accountant, that a single meeting with the spiritual luminary, the Shankaracharya of Sringeri, India, changed the course of her journey. Inspired by his spiritual presence, Ramaa sought and was granted initiation into meditation by His Holiness himself. 

Her interest in religion having been sparked, she thereafter spent several years reading and understanding Hindu philosophy and attending lectures and workshops by Indian scholars on related topics.


Her husband’s work led them to live in Bangkok, Thailand, and Tel Aviv, Israel. During this time, Ramaa used every opportunity to study cultures and beliefs and arrived at a deeper understanding of the underlying human faith. It was in Bangkok that she was introduced to Reiki and became a Reiki Master in the years that followed.

She arrived in the US in 1998 and has embarked upon a project of integrating the intellectual strengths of the West with the intuitive gifts of the East.

In the year 2000, Ramaa received training in Kundalini Yoga from her sister and teacher Usha Balachandra under the guidance of Dr. Anant Atre, a direct disciple of the renowned Indian Yogi Swami Sivananda.

She now teaches meditation and lessons in self-awareness by drawing on her understanding of the psycho-spiritual wisdom of the Eastern Chakra System. Ramaa’s teaching style is based in her knowledge of Hindu philosophy, combining analogies from Indian mythology and folklore with her personal experiences from around the modern world. In 2012 Ramaa completed a two year certification program in Analytical Psychotherapy from the Carl Jung Institute in order to deepen her understanding of the human psyche, and now incorporates this knowledge into her work with groups and individuals.


Ramaa’s intention is to help people to live a life in consonance with their divine identity despite the challenges of the human condition. Towards this end, Ramaa continues to tend the growth and nurture the strength of the community and ‘support system’ she has carefully developed over the years at Full Bloomed Lotus, where the curriculum, special events and one-on-one sessions all offer opportunities to discern the path to an authentic life while in the company of other fellow travelers.

In 2018 Ramaa decided to expand her circle and created Grow Through Mindfulness, a not-for-profit whose mission is to “Change the world outside by changing the world within.” Working with various communities, now through her online offerings, she seeks to spread the teachings and bring about deep-seated transformation.


Ramaa is a happily married mother of two young adults and lives with her family in Wilmette.

About Full Bloomed Lotus

Full Bloomed Lotus started off in the home of its founder Ramaa Krishnan as informal gatherings where Ramaa shared her wisdom and perspectives from the land of her birth (India) and taught other moms like herself how to apply these to the demands of present day life and situations.

By word of mouth as more and more joined her group to be inspired to change their lives by changing their thoughts, a need was felt to take this to a more formal place and setting so as to make this accessible to greater numbers.

Ramaa relocated her groups first to a studio on Washington Avenue in Wilmette, then to a new studio a few doors down on Green Bay Road, and now she provides guided classes in this online space. Her offerings have continued to grow over the years to include several tools and teachings that enable people to remain anchored in their divine identity and to empower them to make choices accordingly. By addressing not just the mind, but the body and one’s energy as well, you can release your fears, and realize your dreams.

About the Lotus Flower

In Eastern spirituality, the lotus, or the water lily, is a very sacred flower, symbolizing the evolution of human consciousness. Rising from the depths of the river bed, it makes its way up intentionally, working through the murky waters and battling against the upheavals of the river’s ebb and flow, all the while aiming to come up and unite with the sun’s light.  This is much like the journey of the sincere seeker who rises through the mind’s confusing images, emotions and messages, while battling the challenges from the environment, all with one single goal:  to be one with the Light, yet still remaining rooted in the very environment one is rising from.  The full bloomed lotus, therefore, is one who has attained such a posture and stands tall and completely open despite earthly challenges.