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Introduction to Meditation and Self-Awareness: Setting Up a Regular Personal Practice

The benefits of a regular practice of meditation have been confirmed by many different experts in the field of mental and physical health. Meditation leader and teacher Ramaa Krishnan offers this 3-session course to lead us through a 21-day practice to help us sow the seeds for a lasting practice and to take the gifts into everyday living.

Each session will include one or more simple teaching(s), and answer questions on how to address the hurdles faced by a new practitioner.

ramaa 32.PNG

3 Tuesdays: June 6,13, 20, 2023 

9:30-11:00 am Central Time

Fee: $120

In-Person and on Zoom

Women's Exchange

620 Lincoln Ave.
Winnetka, IL 60093

Zooms are all set for Central Time

Zoom Link is sent the day of the conversation

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