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Reviewing 2023: Best Teachings From This Year

As we wrap up this year we have a long list of topics we covered and the teachings that inspired us this past year. Ramaa takes 4 of her favorites to revisit in the weeks before winter break. Join the group to catch up on what you missed or reinforce what you learned. One way or another, take in the strength of these teachings to empower yourself.

Zoom Only

Each class is $39

Here are the topics we will be covering:

2. Imagination as Prayer and How to Cultivate It

(Tuesday, Dec. 5, 1-2.30pm, Wednesday, Dec. 6, 7-8.30pm)

3. Why Boundaries are Also Bridges

(Tuesday, Dec. 12, 1-2.30pm, Wednesday, Dec. 13, 7-8.30pm)

4. Staying Connected to the Ethernet in Difficult Times

(Tuesday, Dec. 19, 1-2.30pm, Wednesday, Dec. 20, 7-8.30pm)

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