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Ramaa Krishnan Presents a 21-Day Meditation Retreat 


Find a quiet space, each day for 21 days, and in just 35 minutes you can experience deep transformation and refresh your life.


Join Ramaa as she shares wisdom and guides you in a meditation every day. Together we will make these 21 days a period of powerful intention, healing, and peace for everyone on the planet. Enjoy this profound mind-body-spirit exploration, and bring the practices to life, one day at a time.


This retreat is specially curated for you—and the world at large as we find our way through this time of great challenge and uncertainty, helping people live in consonance with their deeper identity despite the challenges of the human condition.


Ramaa presents the teachings that strengthen the bond between heaven and earth in the human experience-- enabling a person to relax, calm the mind and empower the will so that one can reach for the stars even as we have our feet firmly planted on the ground.   


Experience Ramaa’s unique way of providing practical life skills based in the wisdom of ancient spiritual traditions. Born and raised in India to a family of traditional storytellers, she shares relatable life experiences while combining the gift of storytelling with the wisdom of the ages. 


Her dream to bring the power of presence to every household gave birth to her latest endeavor, a newly formed not-for-profit named Grow Through Mindfulness. As the Founder of Full Bloomed Lotus Center for Self-Awareness in Wilmette, IL, she has witnessed the deep and far-reaching impact of sharing wisdom in a community.



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